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Camino Camino. What is the Camino?

Camino de Santiago is where our story takes place. It is simply the Spanish word for Walk. In English known as The Way of Saint James. Both describe the pilgrim way across northern Spain ending at Santiago de Compostela and its grand Gothic cathedral where the relics of St. James are said to rest. 

The Camino origins began in the ninth century when there were three main pilgrimage destinations, Jerusalem, Rome and Santiago de Compostela in North Spain. Santiago de Compostela is the most famous. And is a network of pilgrim routes beginning all over Europe to converge into a few routes across the North of Spain. This is one of the significances of the shell symbol which, with its grooves symbolize a convergence to a single point, the destination. The main and longest route being the French Way from the French Spanish border in Saint Jean Pied de Port where our story featuring Jane Downer is based. The story begins at her stopover in Pamplona. Unlike Jane, many pilgrims follow its routes as a form of spiritual growth. There are many other reasons for walking the Camino, reflection, life changing decisions, finding oneself, enjoyment, and historical. There are well over two hundred thousand pilgrims who walk the Camino each year, and they have over two hundred thousand reasons for walking. Jane is following the Camino on a self-imposed mission, a mission based on guilt to pay homage to her missing sister and to find peace of mind. What she finds is anything but, and the danger that follows her brings very much the unexpected. Be warned, Fatal Camino is not your usual Camino book.

Fatal Camino

Will Jane reach Santiago to fulfil her mission?
Read the first Camino Thriller on St. James Way

A book of sister love hate for Jane Downer, and an oaf of a reporter Dan Brady who never wanted to walk the Camino. These two contrary characters are gasoline looking for a spark.