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Audiobook Production


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Audiobook production

Your Audiobook has to be perfect. Mistakes lose money, time and deadlines. The cheapest turns out to be the dearest. We can take your audio story in hand and give you a first class professional product



voice over film and adverts

Voice overs for film, TV, and advertising and telephone announcements for public address or telephone.. This can be dialogue from a text, or script while sychronising with film


audio tour guides

Our Audio Tour Guides are taylor made for museums, town tours, castles. These are produced in collaboration with city councils and travel companies to eliminate printed material and are played on the recipients’s phones, and are thus envioriemtally friendly.

Our Package

  • Provide a producer
  • Offer a choice of languages (English UK & US, French, Italian, Spanish EU & SA, Portuguese EU)
  • Offer a choice of Narrators
  • High end recording equipment
  • Recording first 15 minutes pre-listen
  • Recording, Editing and Mastering
  • Providing sales track (trailer)
  • Presenting finished files
  • Uploading to audio platforms
  • Cover design (optional)

More than 30 years of publishing experience

You want to audio publish your book?

Get the best support for your audio book production with our 30 years of experience!

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Abaco Media Publishing was founded in 1988 to promote pop, jazz, and blues music. This was followed in the early nineties when we published and recorded a large number of american jazz musicians.

Now we are concentrating as publishers Audiobooks in genres such as humour, romance, action and thrillers, as well as travel guides and handbooks.

To help you make your Audiobooks available to the world, we produce a One-Stop full production package. This package offers you; a selection of several voices from our fifty highly experienced Readers and (with you) select the right voices to make your book live. Our readers record to international standards for all platforms. Your Abaco Producer supervises editing, splitting, signlal/noise ratio, limiting, level settings and uploading to the platform s you desire.

Send your manuscript and we do the rest.