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Quality is never a coincidence

Our  six step production brings your project to the booming audio market


1: The Narrator

Choosing the right  narrator is the key to a good Audio book.  The voice is the mood of your book that bringslife to your story.  Our international network of narrators have recorded best sellers in many languages. We find the the soul for your book


2: Recording

This is the artistic part of a production. Abaco uses top studios in various countries and narrators with good professional studios. This enables us to record in many languages. This is also an advantage in case you want to record your book yourself. 


3: Editing

Post production. Text is now at the digital level and the work of the Techies begins. This requires complete mental focus to locate and cut sounds of breath, noises, clicks, and poor takes. The editors ensure a consistent pace for a  smoothly finished base.


4: Mastering

Mastering is noticed when it has NOT been done. EQ, RMS, Peaks, dynamic range and loudness have to comply with a criteria of AudioBook platforms. This gives the recording a vigorous presence. Only with good mastering can your story compete with the professional audios.


5: Quality Control

We call QC the “Red Face Stopper.” Imagine others hear a silly mistake in your audiobook. You have the Red Face.  QC is the last chance to find bugs. QC listens to the recording while reading the text. A detected error is re-recorded and a final QC repeated to ensure perfection 


3: Finals

Your AudioBook is now ready for you, the customer. It can be sent to you as a Down Load data product, or  also prepared as an Up-load for on-line sales with Audible, Nook, Kobo or any other desired audio plateform.